Former Congressman Marty Russo is a well known lobbyist and noted speaker on how to have more influence in Washington, in business, and in life.

Using dynamic story telling and listing useful tips, former Congressman Russo is a energetic speaker on having more influence.  His audiences leave with the leadership knowledge and action oriented tips they need to  make a difference.  Presentations can be customized to address the specific public policy  issues and leadership needs of concern.

Marty Russo Washington Speakers Bureau

Speaking engagements packages may include:

  • pre-event strategic counsel session with your leadership
  • tailored speech with updates on recent federal government actions impacting your group and tips on how to have more influence
  • article for your e-newsletter or journal

Speaking engagements can be coordinated with your internal government relations function to highlight your current public policy education program.


Leadership Means Having Influence

President Dwight Eisenhower Quote

President Dwight Eisenhower Quote on Leadership

Top lobbyists know that getting things done in Washington requires the use of influence, not power.  Being able to educate others and have them agree with your position requires having good relationships, knowledge and the flexibility to make deals.

These same qualities of influential leadership translate to today’s business leaders.  Former Congressman Russo gives a lively presentation to inspire his audience to become more influential in work, public policy and in daily life.