Russo Capitol Strategies is a boutique practice led by Congressman Marty Russo (retired).

An energetic advocate for his clients — a good government — Marty is an authoritative source for insight and counsel on what’s happening behind the scenes in Washington.

Marty draws upon years of experience as a Member of Congress and an executive in the private sector to bring his unique brand of strategic counsel that turns problems into opportunity.

This viewpoint guides his counsel to take a proactive approach to working with government officials and explain the impact of proposed actions on organizational and sector interests and initiatives.  He believes that Members of Congress and the Federal Agencies want businesses, non-profits and other stakeholders to be successful, but as guardians of the public trust they are required to ensure that the public interest is not compromised.

Marty served as CEO of one of Washington’s largest government relations firms and in his many years of service he counseled hundreds of clients.

Check out Marty’s new site, www.martyrusso.com, designed specifically to showcase speaking and multimedia content.

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